Tips To Assist In Selling Your Home

Dated: 08/02/2018

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There are many questions about what is the right way to get my home ready for sale and especially those wanting to sell quick.  Here are some tips to help make that process easier. 

Your first impression is going to be your best shot. 

1:  Pricing your home right for the current market is very important to bringing in the buyers. 

      Some believe if they set the price higher it will leave negotiation room and can lower the price later if it doesn't sell.   This can delay the sale of your home.  Buyers are going to look for the most for their money. If your home is listed $5k or higher  more than a similar house or even a grander house than yours in the same area, they will bring their attention there.  

2:  Curb appeal.

     Clean up the exterior of your home. Maybe add some new yet simple flower pots to bring some gentle beauty.  Keep the hedges trimmed, yard mowed and tend to the weeds , may even need to add a little sod. .  Making the first image of your home feel comfortable and complete. Driving up to the driveway and entering that front door sets the expectations. 

3:   Freshen up the interior of your home

      Some fresh paint, update some of the fixtures, a good solid cleaning and maintain any repairs like leaky faucets, slow drains etc.  These are all affordable and fairly easy ways to make your home more appealing and inviting. Remember if you choose to freshen up the paint keep the colors neutral, this allows the buyer the opportunity to envision a clean pallet for their own choices, and also keeps it simple for those buyers who prefer the simplicity of the neutrals. 

4:  Clean, De-clutter, and Remove personal items. 

     The fewer things you have in your home the larger and cleaner it will look.  Giving your home that good deep cleaning will make everything look and smell fresh.  Removing personal photos, political and religious items. This will allow the buyer to view the home as theirs and not yours. 

5:   Staging

      If possible stage the rooms to show how they are supposed to be used.  If you have an eat in kitchen that you have been using for an office or kill space for your clutter, remove the clutter and place a simple table and chair there.  If you have a back patio that you've been using to store your outside items.  Clean it up and make it look like an outside place to relax. You don't have to got extensive, a simple side table and chair with a cushion to be a good start to spark a though in the new buyers mind. 

6:   Make your home easy for buyers to see. 

      Making your schedule flexible to allow the home to be shown is very important.  Missing an appointment could mean losing out on the very buyer who may have wanted to put in an offer that day. Be Ready for prospective showings early in the morning , at night and on the weekends. 

7:  Relocate your pets

    If possible relocate your pets and all of their belongings.  Some people have fears or sensitivities.  Remove your pets bedding and feeding set ups, and make it appear that there aren't any pets there.  Again giving a clean clear image of your home. 

8:   Communicate with your Agent

      Always keep open communication with your agent.  If there are any issues let them know immediately.  If you have any concerns, contact them and express the issue, but remember to always give them time to help solve the issue, or find a resolve.  Always check the sites that your agent has your home listed on.  Sometimes mistakes happen on the internet, so going in and double checking to make sure all is good and your home is posted where your agent said it would be, could help both you and your agent.  

9:  Pictures

      Make sure your agent has gotten good pictures and virtual tours (if it is offered) attached to your listing on the internet.  Once you check them out if you are not happy with the images, then don't be afraid to tell them that you would like better images if possible. 

10:  Share about your neighborhood

       Remember your not just selling your home, your selling your neighborhood and the community you have come to know.  Help the new buyers learn what you have learned.  Favorite places to eat, play visit. Where the best restaurants you've experienced. How are the schools from your personal experience.  All This information will help a buyer make their final decision. 


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