Time And Patience

Dated: 02/13/2018

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Time and patience. 

The home buying Venture is just that, A Venture.  Quite the important venture for anyone who is searching.  At first thought it is so exciting to know that this is the beginning of a fun wonderful venture. There are so many things you need to work through your mind when you choose that it is your time to buy your first, second or even your final home. The expense of course being the major concern for any home buyer,but there are so many other aspects that fill your mind with concerns. 

 Can we find the home we want in the right neighborhood with the right schools?  What about the neighborhood? Is it quiet enough, family oriented, are there other children in the area to socialize with your children? Is the neighborhood safe?  Will you be close enough to your other family?  Will the house be big enough, or too big?  The right amount of bathrooms? Will the yard be big enough for the kids or the family gatherings?   Will the house you choose pass inspections? Will the sellers be cooperative?    These are some of the many many concerns that rattle through our heads when going through this venture.  Always remember the very first step would to consult a mortgage lender to find out what amount of financing you could be approved for.  This is another wide aspect, we'll save for another blog. 

Many home buyers do try to find their new home without the help of a Realtor.  Some concerns being that they believe that the Realtor will push them into buying a home much more expensive than they can afford. Or will show them homes that they really don't want to see. Other concerns are, is my Realtor going to negotiate for me , are they going to guide me and help me understand all the things i have never heard of before?  How do i know my Realtor will really help me understand the contract and it's content?  There are many other concerns that have been troubling the home buyer. 

This is where time and patience comes in.  The home buying process is not anything that is going to happen over night or even in a week or a month.  It could take at least 6mo to a year to complete the process, this includes the searching.  You must take your time to think about the new home that not only do you want, but the home you need.  Taking the time to look over all the different layouts that homes offer, quantity of bedrooms, bathrooms, need for a garage or even the community you would like to live in, will empower you.  Yes empower you, because when you are ready to begin the home viewing process with your Realtor you will be able to tell them exactly what you are looking for.  A good Realtor, and there are many out there, will listen to you and present to you only the homes that meet your criteria.  However a Realtor can only find homes based on the information you provide.  So make sure you take the time to really consider the type of home you are searching for.  

Once you get through that part of the venture, you must remember the patience part.  Yes there are many homes in the market that are available but not all of them will be the right home.  Patience will help you get through the frustration of starting your search and nothing is coming up quiet right.  New homes are coming to the market every day, if today you do not see what you want, then perhaps tomorrow will bring you your dream home. 

Whether you are paying cash or Financing, the contract aspect of your home buying process also requires your time and patience.  There are inspections, appraisals, time lines and deadlines. Stay attentive to all aspects and dates, and of course don't hesitate to contact your Realtor for reminders of dates you may have forgotten in this hectic process. That day you thought you would hear back from an agency regarding an inspection ( for example) and you didn't hear anything. Be patient, of course be diligent don't let anything slide, but sometimes their process may require an additional day to assure that they are thorough and complete for your benefit.  

Try not to listen to all the horror stories about how Realtors are only out to make their commission.  Of course like anyone they want their paycheck, however they also chose to be a Realtor because they actually love to help you achieve your goals. It is a very rewarding day for them when they see the family they have been working so closely with through this process walk into their new home. I know for me personally, the look of joy on their face when the keys are handed to them fills my heart and i feel then is the true payment for all the hard work.  

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