Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Dated: 02/04/2018

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Did you know that making your home energyefficient increases its value?.According to one study, making no cost/low costchanges can boost your home's value $18,000. Why notimplement some of the following suggestions to makeyour home more energy efficient?.

 1. Lower the thermostat on your water heater.If your hot tap water is too hot to touch, lower thetemperature a few degrees.. 

2. Check for air leaking around doors.A lot of the air you pay to heat or cool escapes throughunsealed doors. Install or replace worn weatherstripping. Replace broken or missing storm doors..

 3. Close the air vents in rooms not in use.For example, close the vents and shut the door to anunused guest room. 

4. Keep heat producers far from your thermostat insummer.Floor lamps and televisions can significantly raise thetemperature in the area near a thermostat, turning onyour air conditioner too often. 

5. Clean your furnace and air conditioner filters.Replace existing dirty air conditioner or furnace filters.During heavy use periods, replacement is recommendedevery 30 days. 

 6. Operate large appliances during low-use periodsin summer.Use your washer and dryer and other heat-producersearly in the morning or late at night. Use the air-drymethod on your dishwasher to save energy.

7. Request an energy audit.Contact your local utility company to request a freeenergy audit. Most electric and gas companies will checkfor proper insulation, find cracks in the eaves or roof thatcould leak energy, and make recommendations forimprovements. Some electric companies offer low-costfinancing for such improvements.

8. Replace existing appliances.If money is no object, replace old appliances with EnergyStar appliances, specifically created to optimize energyconsumption. If your budget limits you to replacing oneappliance, buy a new refrigerator; a new model couldknock off 25% of your electric bill.

9. Buy new light bulbs.Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent. 

10. Contact the U.S. Department of Housing andUrban Development regarding EEM Mortgages.EEMs provide benefits to borrowers purchasing a homethat is energy efficient, or can be made efficient withimprovements.

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