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Dated: 04/03/2018

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There's nothing better than a great first impressionWhat's the first thing a potential homebuyerwill notice about your house? The great viewfrom the master bedroom? Your beautifulkitchen? If your house's front exterior islacking appropriate "curb appeal" it's unlikelythat buyers will even make it through thefront door. Your home's exterior appearanceis the first thing people notice.

 So whether you're getting ready to sell yourhome or are just looking for an easy way toimprove your property value, taking smallsteps to improve your curb appeal can be asimple, worthwhile investment.

 Looking from someoneelse's shoes. There are lots of ways to add curb appeal toyour home and sometimes the list can beoverwhelming. First, you might want to tryand take a good long look at your house.Stand at the end of the driveway or evenacross the street. Ask yourself: What wouldmy neighbors notice about my house? Whatkind of initial impression would a guest have? 

You might even want to take a few picturesof your home's exterior and send them to afriend or relative. They might be able to seethings that you wouldn't. The most impactful improvements will bethe ones made on the most obvious problemareas. It doesn't make a lot of sense to addornamental flowers if yourlawn is dead. A new door knocker won'tdo much if your home needs new paint.Taking a nice long look at your house willmake it clear what project you shouldtackle first. 

A little elbow greaseOften, the most impactful and costeffective way to improve your home'scurb appeal is simply taking time to cleanand touch up the house's exterior andfront landscape.Here's a few clean up ideasto help you get yourhome looking its best:

 1. Powerwash the exterior siding. Makenote of areas with peeling or crackingpaint. 

2. Clean out your gutters and remove anydebris from the roof. If any of yourgutters are rusting or bent, have themreplaced.

 3. Wash all of your windows on both theoutside and inside. Remove any cobwebs.

4. Rake and remove any dead vegetation.Make sure your walkways are swept. 

5. Keep your lawn mowed. Edge thesidewalks.

 6. Remove weeds or grass from the cracksin your driveway or sidewalk.

 7. Trim trees and bushes. Make sure nobranches of exterior plants are touchingyour roof or are too close to power lines.

8. Keep lawn and gardening equipment,bikes or other children's toys stowed awayand out of sight.

 9. Keep garbage and recycling barrels inthe garage or otherwise out of sight.

 10. Repair any broken fencing or any otherareas in clear disrepair.Small details that canmake a big differenceIf you're looking to change your home'scurb appeal but you don't want to make abig investment, don't fret. There are lots ofsmall, low-cost ways to add additionalcharm and character to your home'sexterior and make it more appealing topotential buyers.

The DoorwayYour home's doorway is one of the firstfeatures a homebuyer will look for. It'simportant that this area is kept clean anddraws positive attention. If replacing a wornout front door isn't in your budget, considerpainting it and updating or polishing thefixtures. You may also want to update yourporch lights and add planters around thedoorway to update and liven the area.

LightingGood lighting is about safety, security andcan highlight features at night. Remember,potential homebuyers may drive by yourproperty in the evening. At a minimum,make sure your porch light is both,functioning and is turned on when your home is on the market. Illuminating yourwalkways or prominent trees are alsoexcellent, low-cost improvements. Todayyou can find many free standing, solarpowered light fixtures that will illuminateyour walkway or garden areas. These are agreat investment. 

New PlantsAdding new plants and flowers to your frontyard and porch area can add an appealingand colorful touch to your home. Readymadeplanters from your local nursery orhome improvement store can also be used tocover up areas where your foundation isexposed. You can also install window boxeswith bright colorful flowers to addadditional charm to your home's exterior

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