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Dated: 07/15/2018

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When the warm summer months begin to wind downand the days become a little shorter, you can almost smellit in the air-back-to-school time is here! And, just as falland cooler weather approach, so does back-to-schoolanxiety. Between kids fearing they'll miss the bus andwon't make new friends, and parents feeling stressed abouthectic mornings and carpooling chaos, how can anyone getexcited about the first day back to school? Parents,however, can set the tone for a smooth transition fromsummer to the new classroom by proactively addressing their children's concerns.

Here are a few tips to help ease your family's back-to- schoolanxiety.

Be enthusiastic. If you are excited and confident, your childwill be, too. 

•Prepare yourself. Note your child's reaction to separation. Ifpossible, visit the new setting together and introduce your childto the new teacher in advance.

 •Start daily routines. Encourage kids to become involved bypacking their own lunch and laying out their clothes. Also,begin an earlier bedtime at least one week before.

 •Pack the night before. Kids should pack their book bag everynight before bed. This eliminates the morning rush and tryingto locate stray items.

 •Always say good-bye to your child. Be firm, but friendly aboutseparating. Never ridicule a child for crying. Instead, makesupportive statements like, "I know it's hard to say good-bye."

 • Send a photo of your family or write a reassuring note andput it in your child’s backpack or lunch box.

At the end of the workday, put aside your work concerns andfocus on being a parent.

Homework hints (that really work!)Here are some ways to make homework time easierfor you and your child:Have a regular place for your child to do homework—adesk or table in a quiet room. 

•Set a regular time for homework. You may want tomake a rule, "No television until homework is finished."

 •Set aside ample time for homework and help yourchildren plan on how they’ll use their time.

 •Be available to answer questions and offer assistance,but never do the homework for children. 

•To help alleviate fatigue, have your child close thebooks for 10 minutes every hour and go do somethingelse.

 •If your child is struggling with a particular subject, andyou aren't able to help, a tutor can be a good solution.Discuss it with the teacher first. 

•Have your child do the most difficult homework first.Save "easy" subjects for last. 

•Praise your child's good work. Your interest willencourage good work.•

Children and Moving

When a family move becomes inevitable, it is importantto involve your children in the process. Since moving cancause some concerns for children-like going to a newschool, leaving friends, and unfamiliarity about the newneighborhood-things will go a lot easier if your childrensupport your efforts to get your current home sold. It isimportant that children keep their toys and clothes putaway, and teenagers understand about keeping their roomin "showing" condition. Also, showing a family home ismuch more successful for the realtor if the family is away.

Make an effort to include everyone in the discussionsabout the move and your children on house hunting trips.

Contact an agent who is comfortable with children andwill be sensitive to their needs and concerns.

If possible, give your child three months' noticebefore an upcoming move, so that he has time to getused to the idea.•

 • Explain the reason for relocating.Familiarize your child with her new neighborhoodahead of time.•

 • Emphasize the positive aspects of the move.Contact the school your child will be attending andarrange a time to visit.

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