Halloween Tips And Tricks

Dated: 10/01/2018

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Homeowner's Halloween Horrors?

Not if you follow these Safety Tips.

As Halloween creakingly creeps around the cobwebbed-corner, many of our thoughtswill be on decorating, pumpkin-carving and costume-making. But, before the parade ofghosts and witches comes knocking on your door, here's a helpful list of things that youcan do to keep your home and yard safe for all those anxious trick-or-treaters.

Clear your yard of ladders, hoses, leashes, flower pots, low tree limbs, support wiresand anything that could cause someone to trip. 

 • Be sure to keep your outdoor steps, porch and walkways well-lit.If you do use candles, keep them away from where trick-or-treaters will be walkingor standing.

 •Dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper are highly flammable. Make sure paper orcloth yard decorations can't blow into a flaming candle.

 •Consider fire safety when decorating. Don't overload electrical outlets with holidaylighting or special effects.

 •Remind all household drivers to remain cautious and drive slowly through thecommunity.

Don't Let Your Pets Get Spooked!

Halloween can be a traumatic -- even dangerous -- experience for some pets. Here are somesensible tips to protect your pet on Halloween:Don't leave your pet out in the yard on Halloween. To a menacing prankster, an unguardedpet could be an easy target. 

•Halloween candy is not for pets. Chocolate is poisonous to a lot of animals, and foil orcellophane wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed.

•Be careful that pets can't knock over a lit pumpkin. Curious kittens especially run the risk ofgetting burned. 

•Don't dress your pet in costume unless you know he loves it. Otherwise, it puts a lot of stresson the animal.

 • If you do dress your pet, make sure the costume isn't constricting, annoying or unsafe.All but the most social dogs should be kept in a separate room during trick-or-treating hours-- too many strangers in unusual costumes can be scary for a dog. 

• Be careful your cat or dog doesn't dart out through the open door.

Birds Like Hand-outs, too!

Feeding birds in the autumn and winter is rewarding and fun! Following are some helpful hints forsatisfying our hungry feathered friends:

Bird Feeding n' Seeding TipsBlack oil and striped sunflower seeds attract the greatest diversity of seed-eating birds to your yard.Sunflower chips are more expensive but eliminate messy sunflower shells. Safflower is a white seedwhich squirrels and blackbirds don't eat but cardinals, chickadees, red-bellied woodpeckers, mourningdoves and others will eat.The more expensive thistle seed is used to attract gold finches, house finchesand purple finches. Mourning dove, junco and some sparrows will also eat thistle from a ground feederor hopper. Peanuts in the shell and peanut pieces are especially attractive to jays, woodpeckers,nuthatches, titmice and chickadees. Roasted, no salt and no sugar, are the healthiest peanuts for feedingbirds. Birds will even eat peanut butter! Spread peanut butter onto large pine cones, sprinkle bird seedover the cone and then hang it from a tree branch. The same birds that like peanuts also like suet orbeef kidney fat. Both are high energy foods and are best during winter months. Whole kernel corn iseaten by blue jays, woodpeckers (and squirrels), while many ground-feeding birds prefer cracked corn.Be aware that cracked corn will rot when wet and that many mammals like to feed on corn.

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